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Parking Citation Appeal

If you feel a parking or traffic citation was not written within the parking and traffic regulations, you have ten (10) calendar days of the violation to appeal the citation. Please be sure to be specific in your appeal. You now have two ways to file an appeal, you can complete the online appeal form and be notified via email or you can fill out a printable appeal form (Requires Adobe Acrobat). If you choose to use the printed form; the completed form must be hand delivered to the security office located in Parks Hall within 10 calendar days of the violation.

Online Appeal Form

All Fields are REQUIRED. Incomplete appeals forms will not be considered. A separate form must be competed for each citation.

Appeals of violations must be within ten (10) calendar days of issuance of the violation.

Click here to review the "Vehicles on Campus" brochure.

All Fields are REQUIRED. Incomplete appeals will not be considered.