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What is your next step?

College is the time to explore the world and all the opportunities it offers! Your future is not chosen in isolation, but is a compilation of all parts of who you are – your personality, your likes and dislikes, your values, your skills, and so much more.

Discover Your Options discover your options

How do you choose a major? What is your passion? Hobbies? Skills? Dreams? Make an appointment. Let us help you determine which career fields match your desires. Then, you’ll know the major to best reach your goals.

Get Experience discover your options

What is an internship? How will it help me find a job? How do I land an internship with the company I’m after? Internships or job shadowing provides you with real world experience. Internships give you real-world experience in a career field of your interest, is a great resume builder, and can often lead to a full-time job. Learn the steps that you can take to land an outstanding internship!

Make it Happenmake it happen

Are you ready to start the job search? From developing a professional resume and cover letter to fine-tuning your interviewing skills, we can help you succeed in a competitive market.

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