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Youth Ministry

What defines a Youth Ministry major?

Effective Youth Ministry incorporates aspects of many disciplines including Sociology, Psychology, Bible Religion, Spiritual Development, Physiology, Communications, Business, and HR Management. King University recognizes the diverse skills necessary to succeed in this field and has developed a major that will thoroughly equip students for the challenges they will face working in churches, schools, or community agencies.

The King University Youth Ministry program seeks to develop youth ministers able and willing to work in both traditional and non-traditional contexts. The program gives you:

  • Emphasis on and exposure to practical aspects of ministry
  • Opportunity for international placement and short-term experiences
  • Encouragement to experience youth ministry in a wide variety of settings (churches, schools, sports teams, agencies)
  • An internship/mentorship component throughout the program
  • Input from experts in several disciplines
  • Flexible class schedules that enable you to complete a second major
  • Our commitment to help you find a job you love when you graduate

The outdoor education program and further experiences outside the classroom make King's Youth Ministry program one of a kind. Youth Ministry students at King experience urban ministry, group initiatives, national conventions, rafting, caving, and mission experiences together.

What can I do with a Youth Ministry degree?

Youth ministry majors are working in churches and ministry programs, and some are entering graduate schools.

What are youth ministry graduates doing now?

  • Seminary
  • Masters of Education programs
  • Masters of Counseling programs
  • Working in churches as youth pastors
  • Staffing local Young Life programs
  • Working in international youth ministries in New Zealand and elsewhere
  • Working in camping programs
  • Serving in urban ministries
  • Working in Student Affairs at colleges and universities

Youth Ministry Faculty

Youth Ministry Coursework

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Laptop Requirement

The Youth Ministry program requires a laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 or later, and wireless and webcam capability.


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