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Spanish highlights

  • Travel opportunities to Spain, Mexico, or other Latin America countries
  • Study abroad with partner universities throughout Latin America and Spain
  • Double major with another degree, such as business or nursing, to make you more marketable

What is a Spanish major like?

Through the study of the Spanish language, literature and history of other cultures, students gain a heightened sensitivity to the use of their native language and a greater appreciation for the world’s diversity. Our majors are well-prepared to enter the global society of the 21st century.

After completing SPAN 2000 or its equivalent, students should begin their major/minor by enrolling in Advanced Spanish Skills I and II (3010 and 3020). Then, students may complete their degree requirements by taking a range of literature, imgcivilization and culture classes or by concentrating on the use of the language in a particular field such as business or healthcare.

The major prepares students to communicate in Spanish in a wide variety of occupations. Spanish majors may choose to pursue licensure to teach through the School of Education or pursue careers in business, government services, intelligence, interpreting, and translation. An immersion experience in a Spanish-only environment is required and must be pre-approved by King University Center for Study Abroad.

Potential jobs for Spanish majors



Interpreters, for example healthcare

Join Teach for America

Peace Corps

Teacher or professor



“Since I have been to Spain, I have been immersed every day in a culture that is so rich, yet so different from my own. I have participated in life just as a normal college student here would. I’ve made friends with other students doing their teaching practicums and with the other teachers at the school. I’ve gone to the movies and have been grocery shopping like I would at home. But I’ve also spent time walking around the old parts of the city and visiting churches and castles older than the United States. I have gotten to see the homes of some of my favorite Spanish authors, who I learned about in my classes at King, and eaten typical meals that can be found in the surrounding French cities and different regions of Spain. And because of my location in Pamplona, I have been very close to the ocean and traveling to different well-known cities in France and Spain on the weekends has been easy.”

- Rachel Arrowood, Spanish and English Major, May 2016

"My studies in Spanish and French have broadened my horizons both linguistically and culturally. I have become more appreciative of my native language as well."

- TJ Libby '15, Spanish and French double major

"As a double major, I have already experienced the advantage of having a foreign language as one of my majors. When I was interviewing for jobs or doctoral programs, my interviewers were always very interested in the fact that I got my degree in Spanish too."

- Claire Hesser '15, Psychology and Spanish double major

Spanish Faculty

Spanish Coursework

To view all required courses for a BA in Spanish click here.

To view all required courses for a Minor in Spanish click here.

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Laptop Requirement

The Spanish program requires a laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 or later, and wireless and webcam capability.


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