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Healthcare Administration

The primary focus of the King University Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration Program is to prepare you for a career with excellent:

  • Business skills and knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Communicaiton and relationship management
  • Leadership
  • Knowledge of the healthcare environment

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program at King University:

  • Offers a high quality undergraduate degree
  • Combines a healthcare administration program with integrated courses in the liberal arts
  • Results in an academically superior experience designed to empower you with excellent business, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills
  • Allows you to directly integrate the management knowledge, philosophy, skills, theory, and tools for a successful career in the 21st century
  • Is also available online

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program Specifics:

  • Designed to help you complete a healthcare administration major in as little as 16 months
  • One major class at a time
  • Full degree completion program
  • Degree program focused in healthcare leadership
  • Integrate your healthcare experience in the coursework or seek to begin your healthcare career

Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program graduates will be prepared to meet the following competency outcomes:

  • Implement industry standards for quality management and improvement

  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders in academic, clinical, and practice settings

  • Analyze relevant data in order to prioritize goals that will facilitate desired outcomes

  • Make ethical decisions that exhibit empathy and facilitate alternatives in both patient care and management settings

  • Plan for effective leadership to provide timely, efficient, safe, cost-effective, and patient-centered care

Healthcare Administration Career Opportunities

  • Hospitals/Healthcare Systems
  • Medical Offices/Outpatient Clinics
  • Long Term Care/Assisted Living/Home Health
  • Medical Insurance Companies/Managed Care Organizations
  • Medical Sales/Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Health Departments/Public Health Agencies/Governmental Agencies
  • Health-related Non-profit Organizations
  • Pathway to Graduate School

Healthcare Administration Faculty

Healthcare Administration Coursework

To view all required courses for a BS in Healthcare Administration click here.

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Laptop Requirement

The Healthcare Administration program requires a laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 or later, and wireless and webcam capability.


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