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Health Informatics

Health informatics is realizing its promise as the connective tissue between medicine and information science. Relevant policy and payment method reforms are fueling the growth of clinical informatics positions, such as health information supervisors and managers, auditors and compliance review staff, and clinical documentation and improvement specialists. The Health Informatics degree at King provides insight into:

  • Health IT
  • EHR and Interoperability
  • Analytics and the use of big data
  • Policy changes
  • HIPAA security
  • Mobility, innovation, and telehealth

Why choose Health Informatics at King?

Our program is based on an inter-disciplinary approach, providing classes in healthcare administration, health informatics, and information technology. The curriculum is focused on the study of structure, function, and transfer of information, socio-technical aspects of health computing, and the human-computer interaction. Our program prepares students to:

  • Obtain in-depth understanding of current and future trends in healthcare related to information technologies and management
  • Gather, store, and share vital health related information
  • Develop tools for timely, efficient, safe, and cost effective patient-centered care
  • Explore cutting edge concepts and innovations in the fast paced and ever changing healthcare environment
  • Fulfill the mission of King by building meaningful lives of achievement and cultural transformation in Christ by exhibiting empathy, implementing quality, effective management, and improving patient care

What can you do with a Health Informatics degree?

Health Informatics and Health Information Management are often collectively known as Health Information Technology (HIT). Health Informatics graduates often find postition in fields such as:

  • Hospital systems
  • Private clinics
  • Public health organizations
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Private healthcare technology corporations

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate their ability to analyze and implement industry standards for quality management and improvement.
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication with all stakeholders in academic, clinical, and practice settings.
  • Students will be able to analyze relevant data in order to prioritize goals that will facilitate desired outcomes. 
  • Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of ethical decision making in order to exhibit empathy and facilitate alternatives for both patient care and effective management.
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of program content by their abilities to plan for effective leadership in their field and also to develop tools for timely, efficient, safe, and cost-effective patient-centered care.

Health Informatics Faculty

Health Informatics Coursework

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Laptop Requirement

The Health Informatics program requires a laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 or later, and wireless and webcam capability.


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