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What is the Biology program like?

King's program offers you a BS in Biology along three tracs:

  1. General Biology
  2. Cell and Molecular Biology
  3. Pharmacy 3+1

If you choose either the General and Cell and Molecular tracs, you would be prepared for entry intoimg most health profession schools and into many different types of graduate programs. Also, there are numerous entry level jobs available for students with a BS in Biology.If you complete the Pharmacy 3+1 track, you would earn your BS in Biology after three years of study at King and one year at an accredited school of pharmacy.You also have the option of a BA in Biology, which can be combined with another major or minor or with a minor in Secondary Education if you want to teach Biology in high school. The BA degree offers more flexibility in the choice of courses; it's recommended if you are interested in fields like science journalism, pharmaceutical sales, or secondary education.All biology majors are encouraged to do internships and to participate in summer research programs to further assess their skills and interests. What can you do with a BS in Biology?


Conservation Ecology


Environmental Law

Health Care

High School Teaching


Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmaceutical Sales

Physical Therapy


Science Writing

University Teaching

Wildlife Management

Biology Faculty

Biology Coursework

To view all required courses for a BS in Biology click here.

To view all required courses for a BA in Biology click here.

For Biology course descriptions click here.

Laptop Requirement

The Biology program requires a laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 or later, and wireless and webcam capability.


For information about accreditation click here.



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