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The defining characteristic of the Biochemistry program at King is its interdisciplinary nature which provides the student with a strong foundation in both biology and chemistry.

Our Biochemistry program combines the classroom and the laboratory experience in both the Biology and the Chemistry components. It integrates a strong understanding of chemical and biological principles and quantitative problem solving with the development of hands-on research skills.

Biochemistry Highlights

  • A Biochemistry major provides a student maximum flexibility in career options, including graduate programs in most areas of chemistry and biology.
  • The Biochemistry program emphasizes the laboratory experience.
  • Internship/Research experience is strongly encouraged, and your advisor, along with the Career Placement office, will help you identify a suitable internship.
  • The Science Seminar program will help you to develop your oral and written science communication skills.

The Biochemistry degree provides you with an opportunity to study both the disciplines of Biology and Chemistry in a highly integrated fashion within the School of Arts and Sciences at King. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of Biochemistry, it is one of the most versatile degrees in the natural sciences.

Jobs for Biochemistry Professionals

Chemical Technician


Government laboratory work

Graduate Research


Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Physical Therapy

Quality Control Analyst

Veterinary Medicine

Biochemistry Faculty

Mission and Vision for King's Biochemistry Program

The Biochemistry program seeks to train the next generation of young people with an interest in the interface between chemistry and biology. The coursework integrates chemical and biological concepts with laboratory techniques and best practices to develop graduates who are prepared for a variety of scientific career possibilities.

Biochemistry Coursework

To view all required courses for a BS in Biochemistry click here.

For Biology course descriptions click here.

For Chemistry course descriptions click here.

Laptop Requirement

The Biochemistry program requires a laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 or later, and wireless and webcam capability.


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